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The Preacher 28X22 (Medium) (1).jpg


The Preacher


28" X 22"

Oil On Canvas



     Having ventured in to Petaluma years ago and deciding to stay Francois was an interesting strong character. He had done many different kinds of work during his lifetime and considered himself a jack-of-all-trades yet a master of none. He would tell me that

"As long as you know a little about what you are doing you can figure out the rest."

     Francois was also a very religious man who could quote the Bible, chapter and verse. He would preach to all who would listen that man has got to have Faith, Hope and Religion. The problem, he would explain, was that we were all children of God who are too busy for God and to listen to Him.


"Then we go and get in trouble,

things get tough and we stop and turn to God for a miracle

or to just help us because we can't figure things out and can't make it on our own power.

When we get what we want we forget all about God.

It's time to repent! and accept the Gospel!!

Ask Jesus for forgiveness and be saved!!!"

     Francois was a very determined man who just wanted to save as many people as he could.

"It's not enough to occupy space on earth.

It is more important to serve God and to follow the ten Commandments!

     His Bible verses left indelible marks on my brain and on my heart. He made me realize that we were not alone. I learned that God takes notice of us and that He is interested in what we do with our lives. He also made me believe in his mantra,

"It's not how long we live but what we do with the time we have available that makes the difference."

     After many years of having my own agenda, and being too busy for God, my wife and I have slowed down. We read the Bible daily as well as daily quotes by Billy Graham. Francois was someone who influenced me and influenced anyone else who slowed down long enough to listen to him.

     As I remember, he was strong and determined, like an espresso, requiring little cream or sugar but still very drinkable.



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