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Southwestern Art

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Journey 48X48 Oil on Canvas
Red Robe   24X30  Oil on Canvas
Apache Warrior 20x16  oil on Canvas "Apache and his mount, both proud and alert"
Cherish 30x40 Oil on Canvas
Finding The Spirit Rock 40X30 Oil on Canvas "A once in a lifetime find"
Buffalo Hunt 24X36 Oil on Canvas
With Buffalo Skin 24X36 Oil on Canvas
Western Sky (Journey Series)   24X36  Oil on Canvas
Gathering Water" 48x48  Oil on canvas "Where good water is plentiful there is joy"
Sacred Ground 48x48  Oil on Canvas "The special moment you connect with the spirits"
Vanished Horizon 36x36  Oil on Canvas  "Drips like blood reveal a people who have lost much"

original currently unavailable

The Prayer Native American
Little Flower Final  20X24  Oil on Canvas
Morning Light 30X40
Golden Eagle   16X20 Oil on Canvas
Morning Mist 40X30 Oil on Canvas "Fresh water for all"
Meditation 22x28  Oil on Canvas  "Center yourself first and then comes the world"
Calm Water 40X30 Oil on Canvas "A moment of reflection"
The Horseman
Eagle Canyon 28X22 Oil on Canvas



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