Gathering Water
Moonlight On the Bay 20x16  Oil on Panel "Rest now and continue tomorrow"


Wine Country


Dear Art Enthusiasts,

The artist, Dominic Giglio, who created these beautiful and interesting pieces of art passed away suddenly on February 21, 2021 after a sudden illness (not COVID). He also happened to be my beloved and much admired partner for eleven wonderful years. Painting was his passion! I was fortunate enough to watch him daily devoted to his paints, canvas and easel. He always amazed me with his ability to see a person or a place and remember it years later, sitting down and, in an explosion of inspiration that would not let him rest, paint for a couple of hours producing what I thought was a fine and finished painting. Of course it was not and daily I would see a transformation in form and color and composition until the finished canvas was just where he knew it should be.

It was always his dream for the world to see the beauty and the humanity that he saw and portrayed on his canvases. Because of that I have come back to this website to begin the process of putting his originals up for sale. You will notice a smattering of paintings available. I am working to have more pieces available but am taking my time so as to do justice to his works. This has become a labor of love for me, a time to grieve and a chance to honor my favorite artist of all time. Also, St. Jude's Children's Hospital was always on his heart and I will be donating 10% of all sales to them in Dominic's name.

Note: Check out the portraits section. These were all people Dominic met and the stories were all told by him. Yes, he even met Elvis.

Although painting was his passion and consumed all his free time, until his retirement when he could finally paint full time, he had an interesting "regular" life. If you are interested please feel free check out his Life Tribute at                                                                                                                  Domenico Giglio


Thank you for reading this,

                                   Robin Giglio