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First Interview Questions

Here are the first questions asked by inquiring minds. Great questions! Thank you for asking.

What is the art you are most proud of?

Western Art and especially my portraits.

I love to tell a story with each of my landscapes.

My faces (portraits) need to show strong emotions and humanity.

When is a piece finished?

When, coming off the canvas, I can feel the emotions of the subject and the personality of the individual I have just painted.

What inspires you?

I need to convey a strong sense of expression of the things I see in real life and I want my paintings to lift the spirit of individuals who see my art.

An artist can freeze certain moments of life on canvas to allow the viewer to appreciate that moment. To finish the question above: There must be a connection to what I paint. The painting is finished when that connection flows from the canvas to the viewer.

I love sharing my thoughts on art. Please ask more questions. -Dominic

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