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What's In A Name?

Calling out from across the room I started with something like, "Kevin, did you see this?" Steven turned around and looked at me, gently inquiring if I had just called him Kevin.  I knew immediately what I had done, explaining that I had just texted a Kevin. My apologies, Steven. Truth be told, I am bad at names until I get to know you well. It is not an age thing. It is a Robin thing.

As a child, I watched a children's TV show (many decades ago) called Romper Room. It included a group of children on a daycare "set". The daycare leader was Miss Nancy. Toward the end of the show, Miss Nancy would gaze through a magical hand-held mirror, with the glass removed, so she could view all of us, sitting in our living rooms, waiting to be acknowledged. She would call out, "I see Susan and Ritchie and Todd and Becky. I see Bobby and Linda and Freddie. I see all of you." She would never say my name but I knew she saw me. She said she saw all of us.

During my teens and twenties, I had five different people (yes, I kept count) each call me Cathy - never anything else - just always Cathy. Here is the interesting part. When I was three years old I had an imaginary friend named Cathy. When Mom would ask the only kid in the room (me) who had broken something, I would tell her it was Cathy who had broken it. Since Cathy was my real imaginary friend I did not feel I was lying.

Names are important. When someone knows your name it seems to denote that they truly do see you. Names can also make or break some people because they feel it somehow reflects how the world sees them. I had an uncle whose first and middle name was Christopher Columbus. He suffered through school and even had to deal with adults who couldn't resist the opportunity to belittle him, thinking he would certainly enjoy the jokes they came up with. When he became an adult he legally changed his name to C.C.

If I had been given a first and middle name of, oh, say, Princess Persimmon I probably would have changed it to Cathy. Although thinking about it, I probably would not choose Cathy. She seemed to get into a lot of trouble.

Personal names are almost as important as the people they belong to.

Again, apologies to Kevin...I MEAN STEVEN!

Names, Names, More Names

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Kim Doninger
Kim Doninger
Mar 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Romper Room! Good stuff.

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