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Well, Thanks Alot!

Every Thanksgiving our family would pack up and leave early for the 2-3 hour car trip, usually through the scary thick ground fog, and head to my aunt's family house, where Mama Dru (grandma) would be waiting. Depending on what family members were able to make the trek we could have anywhere from twelve to twenty-plus people in the spacious house seemingly built for holiday gatherings. Even with such a crowd, the holiday would always go smoothly, with no disagreements or squabbles...or fist fights. To this day I am thankful for such a loving extended family holiday history. We would sit around the table and, one by one, say something we were each thankful for. It was a daunting task when there were 20 of us. The gratitudes were deep and long-winded at the start but closer to the end of the circling, with the food staring up at us, there started to be a lot of quick thanking for the mashed potatoes and pies.

This year will find you all in one of three places. You will be with loving, happy family and/or friends. You will be mostly by yourself. You will be with a group you know will end up in disagreement, squabbling, or...

Thanksgiving is a day of remembering and stopping to give thanks. So, I suggest you do what I do. Give yourself five minutes to sit down and write out or just speak out five things you are grateful for this year. Five things out of a whole year of life. You can do that. You can then take those gratitudes with you wherever you end up and make your day more thankful.

Here is my list:

  1. I am thankful for my health

  2. I am thankful it rained for five days and that my house, garage, and car have no leaks.

  3. I am thankful I can pay my bills.

  4. I am thankful for my God Who always walks by my side.

  5. I am thankful our church had a soup and pie potluck!

Now it's your turn to make a list, or you can wait until Thanksgiving Day. But don't you think this list-making is a good idea for any day?

With that being said, a HAPPY DAY OF THANKS to you, wherever you decide to celebrate.

My suggestion would be to make the "thankful" list before putting the food on the table.

Oh yes, I am also thankful for you dear reader.

In every situation be thankful

And continually give thanks to God;

For this is the will of God

For You

In Christ Jesus.

I Thessalonians 5:8 (Amp Version)


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