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For much of my working life, I was single. The most difficult concept for me was the disparity between a "single" worker and a "I-have-children" worker. This inequality was most apparent to me during the holidays. For some reason, many public schools thought it convenient to shut down the whole week of Thanksgiving. I-have-children workers would ask for time off and would usually be granted that time off. I (me, myself) asked and would usually be denied. I believe those Super Planners, aka parents, requested the vacation in a timely fashion, probably in June. Certainly, they were faster than a carefree, spur-of-the-moment single person like me. These denials were especially displeasing to me because my birthday always falls on a day during the Thanksgiving week.

No, I was never outright angry. But, I will say that I worked a lot of holiday periods with a silent, grumbling attitude. Years later, when The Grinch became popular, I immediately thought the story was based on my total holiday grumbles.

Looking back is always much easier than living through such horrendous and difficult moments in time. (Please notice the sarcasm in the previous sentence, as well as in the following statement.) I now forgive you, "with-children" former coworkers, for caring about childcare costs and for worrying about how to get through the holidays, with all the pressures of family.

If the young, self-centered, single me had honestly thought about it, she would have admitted that using vacation time during the cold holiday season would not have been as much fun as a warm summer vacay would eventually be.

I enjoyed my work. I was good at my job(s). My work paid the bills. And yet, I still found reason to complain. I am sorry about that. Well, anyway: To all Singles and all With-Childrens, Happy Holidays and to all a good night. No grumbling allowed!

"Do not grumble against

one another, <my friends>,

so that you may not be judged..."

James 5:9

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Susan Kuipers
Susan Kuipers
Dec 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I can relate. Well said.

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