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Tuna Salad

"Nothing is done

The long night has ended

The long day begins

Repetition is the norm now

Boredom Tiredness Waiting Anxiety


Dear Journal,

It's been a hard week for me. I caught a head cold two weeks ago. Last week it dropped to my bronchials, as it always does. That meant a lot of coughing. This is the one week of the year I get the inhaler out and use it! I start to cough so much, that I lose my breath. The problem with using the inhaler is that it makes me cough. Sometimes life is like that, right?

I have been very social since moving to my neighborhood but, in this neighborhood especially, having a bad cough is like leaving out a bowl of mixed tuna and mayo on the counter for a few days... nobody wants you around. I would feel the same way, so there is no judgment here. Can you say green-tuna-salad-surprise?

I had to cancel out on so many fun things and important meetings. I miss my friends. I can see how someone who is chronically frail feels shut away from life, desiring to live that life but feeling too poorly to do so. I will have to remember to visit my frail friends when I am no longer green-tuna-salad-surprise.

Meanwhile, dear journal, I see my healthy friends walking up and down the street, getting exercise, and going someplace fun. All the energy they are spending makes me want to cough! Thank you, dear journal, for being with me through this, and for sticking around while I am looking for my inhaler. I am so glad I can write private things in my journal and nobody can see how much I complain.

Wait, did I just hit the publish button?

"...Yet there will be light

There will be some hope

Of another day

A new time will somehow come perhaps

But for now

just holding on and going on

As best we can."

Nothing Is Done/The Long Night Has Ended

A poem by Shalom Freedman

Side portrait of a woman looking out a window.


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