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The Swiffer Cure

Have you ever experienced a case of Flu so bad that you began to wish you could die, and, at the same time, you were afraid you might die, and you realized you did not want to die? Did I use the "D' word three times in one sentence? I often confuse myself with opposing thoughts as if I am on two separate debate teams. The problem is that the audience (me) usually doesn't have a clue where the debate info is originating from without going through some deep psychoanalysis. Who has time for that?

Often, when arriving for some form of in-office procedure, the medical (and sometimes dental) staff will have you sign consent forms that state, in teeny tiny words, that there is a teeny tiny percent chance you could end up in the hospital or even a teeny tiny dead. I tend to take those warnings a teeny tiny more serious, improbable as they are. Now, most of us, at some time in our life, have to go through an in-office procedure.  It will be one that thousands have gone through and survived quite well, thank you very much. Why would I think that I would be in that 0.25% that would have complications? And yet, after signing my consent form, my mind races off into an unknown future that I might not continue to be a part of.

I wish I had taken that trip.

I wish I had been nicer to my sibling.

I wish I had exercised more.

I wish I had worn clean underwear (Mom warned me!)

My End-Of-Life info is up to date. My Will, my Trust, my DPA, and my Trustee are all set up. I have even designated someone specific to care for JoJo. It's all in a fireproof safe. All I have to do is put out a copy and leave it on the counter. So, what do I do before I leave on that "fateful" day? I swiffer my hardwood floors (aka the whole house). It was more important to me that the floors look presentable to whoever walked in.

Once again, we are complicated creatures.

So, yes, there are many days when I surprise myself by responding unexpectedly. I try to look back and recall just what I was thinking in that moment...I Got Nothing! However, I can recall what I thought as I arrived home and walked into my house.

"Floors sure are clean. Time for a nap."

JoJo resting in the knowledge that

Aunt Joannie (his fave)

will always be there.

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