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Table For One Please

Even when I wasn’t a party of one, I often struggled with my social skills. I typically have friends who are big talkers. All I have to do is grunt or say, “Uh huh” every few minutes to let them know I’m alive. Over my lifetime, my closest friends were content with my occasional period of silence. No talking required = Bliss!!!

Tis the holiday season and I’ve been going to some events and gatherings. Big deal for me, the ‘I don’t want to breathe your air’ kind of guest. But, one evening, I piled into a car with some gal pals and didn’t even wear a mask. There were plenty of talkers and I chimed in too! Hmm,, maybe this talking thing has some merit! Look at me I’m Sandra D 😊 A good time was had by all and, after breathing their air, I stayed COVID-free. It’s a miracle, George!

Then, another gathering with a nice small group of people. I floated around the various groups like a pro. Chitty-chatting and listening; heck this stuff is easy. Boom! What have you been holding back for, woman? Another wonderful evening and still no COVID. Yahoo!

Then, it happened. Yet another party at another neighbor’s house. I envisioned a gathering like the other one. A small group of people chitty-chatting and me, floating effortlessly from group to group. Easy breezy! I asked one neighbor friend to not abandon me and to keep me engaged, as a backup. Well, I arrived and there were about five people, none of whom I knew. OMG… well, okay, one neighbor I knew, but only casually and not like a chitty-chat friend who talks a lot (so I don't have to.) So, I just stood by her looking awkward. I came to call it ‘Position 1’. My next-door neighbor showed up with her husband and she’s a big talker, Whew, I’m safe. Stand down. Emergency over! But, then she saw someone she knew, and off she went. Poof! Gone! Retreat to Position 1.

By this time people were streaming in the front door. It was sooooooooooo loud. Adjust the hearing aids woman! Okay, that’s better. Ah here comes my anchor, the person who would not abandon me! Until everyone started to make a fuss over my anchor, and there I was, alone again. I tried floating around and striking up conversations, but I’m not Barbara Walters. I go blank and don’t ask interesting questions. If someone does chat me up, the conversation quickly dies, and they drift off. Where did my easy-breezy social life go? I finally left after 45 minutes. There had to be fifty people in the small house by then, and I kept returning to Position 1 (my docking station.) This was neither fun nor enjoyable, not to mention breathing in all of that group air. Argh!

Escape out into quiet, and fresh, air. Walk home to my dog. Lick my wounds at a failed social experience. I’m just not that gal, and you know what, that’s okay! Back to my pond with some cool people and meaningful conversations.

You get only so many breaths…make them count.

And I'm still COVID-free!

It’s starting to be a thing. 😊

Signed, Night Owl

This has been a guest blog. The author is a good friend who, I believe, has some good things to say. She, finally, consented to allow me to print one of her writings. I hear your words, my friend. I see you, my friend. Thank you for consenting to share your heart.-R


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