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Swedish Death Cleaning

Let's start this with a confession. About two years ago I began to see YouTube videos pop up on the subject of something called Swedish Death Cleaning. Seemed like you couldn't get five lines down the subject list without another video on Swedish Death Cleaning. I averted my eyes and ignored the videos. I had no desire to learn how to super clean my house or wax my furniture to a spit shine. You would be the lucky one if I invited you in to my house to find I had bothered to dust at all. (You might want to bring a dust mask. Just saying...)

A couple of weeks ago I found out what Swedish Death Cleaning actually is only because someone had mentioned it on their list of different ways to deal with your stuff.

Marie Kondo (Kon Marie method) promotes keeping the items that gives you joy and getting the rest of the stuff out of your life. Swedish Death Cleaning is apparently Kon Marie on steroids reminding us that our kids don't want our stuff.

Several years ago I joined my "good friend" Marie and her Kon Marie lifestyle agenda and have slowly been working my way through the process. It turns out I have been progressing towards Swedish Death Cleaning all along. No dusting was required.

My point is that for two years I have been working under a false assumption and the thought: "Guess those Swedes have to do something during six months of darkness."

At my age I should know better than to assume anything based on a name. If everyone did that then there would have been millions of animal lovers who would have refused to read 'To Kill A Mockingbird.'

In the future I will give people, places, things a second look before judging yay or nay. Maybe if I had listened to those videos two years ago I would be further along in my quest for an uncluttered life.

However I am still not going to worry about dusting until someone writes "clean me!" on my bookshelf.


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