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Silent Night Please

"Please Mr. Scrooge,

Christmas comes but

once a year."

Bob Cratchett

A Christmas Carol

Are you tired of all these holiday stories? Perhaps a new perspective is appropriate today. I was married to a loving, caring, hard-working man we shall call Del, because that was his real name. About seven years into our busy holiday seasons I began to notice that his demeanor was a little less than jolly. He had grown up in a financially struggling family. Except for his mother's homemade cinnamon rolls (that I never quite mastered) their holidays were rarely jolly and gift-filled. His mother passed away suddenly, in her forties. Del could never grasp the concept of over-abundance, over-indulgence, and over-stimulation (lights, gifts, action!)

That year the kids were grown, and no grandkids (yet), so I gave him the gift of Stepping Back. Christmas Eve Day we took off early. Driving a few hours, we arrived in the Northern California seaside town of Fort Bragg where we checked into our hotel overlooking the docks. After a nice dinner and a restful night of sleep, we were awakened by the barking of "the dogs of the sea." They were excited to see the fishing boats arrive home after an early morning catch. Taking our coffee out to the balcony we sat in the 76-degree sunshine (who knew) and just watched life around us. Our Christmas morning consisted of breakfast and a leisurely drive home (no traffic).

Everyone knew we were gone, so no calls were waiting for us. We walked into our quiet home, our Christmas tree, our woodburning stove...and football. I truly believe this was the best Christmas ever for Del and it was good for me too.

Now you may love and look forward to all of the hustle and bustle. You may thrive in all of the activities and the noise and the over-eating. More power to you! You do you, and enjoy your season of joy. Or, in one year, you might decide to try something different. Just be aware. Uncle Toby, who is always too loud, especially after two servings of, pre-dinner, Christmas cheer, may vocalize his displeasure with you. Also, Cousin Moonbeam, who prides herself on being fully woke, may disapprove of your choices. But, then again, she disapproves of all of her un-woke relatives. Bah, Humbug!

"Silent night, Holy night

All is calm, All is bright

Round yon virgin,

Mother and Child

Holy Infant, so tender and mild

Sleep in Heavenly peace

Sleep in Heavenly peace"

A Joyous Christmas


A Peaceful Holiday

Note In two days this blog will contain a special blog for you. Please come back and thank you for being here.

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Dec 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Life's simple pleasures are the best. Love your insights!

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