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Resolutions - not for sissies

"Nothing is certain but death and taxes"

Benjamin Franklin

I would venture to add one more certainty. Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and failed New Year's Resolutions. If you can name one resolution that you have continued to follow through with or brought to a conclusion, I will personally crown you: "Royal One Extraordinaire!"

It seems a cruel joke we play on ourselves when, just before the hopeful beginning of a new year, we list everything we want to do, or change, in our lives. The joke is always on us, with a painful slap on the back and a self-mocking, "I knew you would fail...again." Even my long-term goals seem to peter out by February.

Last January, I decided to go to Italy and stay there for a month. This was to be a future, two-year goal. I knew I would need two things: basic knowledge of the language to get me started (Cappuccino, Grazie, Buon Giorno), and money to pay for the trip. In OCTOBER I finally got started on both. As of this December writing, I have not practiced Italian for a month. The holidays are so stressful, you know. I have exactly $69.00 in my travel fund. I had to borrow for Christmas gifts. The holidays are so expensive you know.

I just started reading a book. "The Twelve Week Year". It discusses how not to do a yearly plan (aka New Year Resolution) but instead to break it up into quarters, or twelve weeks. I'm only on chapter eight so I will have to get back to you on the specifics. But it is hopeful to think there might be a better way. The new year is all about being hopeful and I am willing to try anything to get away from failed resolutions.

Last January, I resolved to start exercising. I didn't. Then, somewhere in the middle of the year I woke up one morning and said to myself, "Take the dog for a walk." And I did. The next day I said to myself, "Try that new, free exercise class." And I did. Each day I began to choose a new way to move. When I would start to become lazy I would say to myself, "Just keep moving!" And I did. And I still do, well, 80% of the time anyway.

As the new year begins, so also, new insights into how to be resolute will follow, I am sure. But we will all have to wait until January...when I push the 'reset' resolution button.

Hiking at Mt. Rainier Washington State, USA

Told you I was moving


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