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"Every generation laughs at the old fashions but follows religiously the new."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854)

1854, Can You Dig It? Yes, I believe that includes the fashion of language. Far Out, you say. Well, Man, just Chill and be a Cool Cat while I search for your generation's language fashion. Remember where you were in your lifetime when you wowed, and confused, the older generations with your Vintage sayings. FOMO? (Okay, that's the fear of missing out)

Peace Out Dude, I've Got Your Back. You just need to Go With The Flow and Chillax. Are you with me so far? If you are then Right On! Rad! ("radical" - in a good way). Generational slang is nothing new. You have your Baby Boomers, your Millennials, your Generation X, your Generation Z, etc, etc. Each generation seems to take a bunch of words, mix them up like a deck of cards, and then, one by one, give new meanings to certain words just to watch the puzzled look on the faces of elders. You think you are being a Cool Cat but, you are doing exactly as your elders did in their youth.

At some time in our young lives, we all think we are Groovy, even Epic. "Okay, Boomer," you say. I say to you, "You think you got Drip but you are Cray Cray." You say, "Wazzup, that's a Bummer!" Baby Boomers once proclaimed that you shouldn't trust anyone over 30. Now we are double that age and we still have something to say. You don't like it? Talk To The Hand!

Go ahead and make up some new words and definitions. We know how to use Google Dictionary. We'll be right behind you. LOL! Sorry, we old Geezers are also using that one.

Two adult elephants walking up a dirt road with a baby elephant leading the way, apparently jumping up into the air, large ears floating.


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