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Rainbow Hugs

That's all!

You have had it!

It has been a really, really terrible, gosh-awful day.

Have you ever felt like that? Has anyone ever not felt like that? I would, occasionally, have a day just like that, especially when I was young. It is amazing how the young can become so faint-hearted. Every negative emotion would fill me up. It was as if I was watching used motor oil being poured into my grandmother's beautiful crystal vase. That vase would never be the same again. I would never be the same again. Life would never be normal. I would never become better or more than I was at that low moment.

One of my loved ones recently had a day like that. Still exhausted at the tail end of a bad cold, she dragged herself to work and dragged herself through the day. Her organizational skills are excellent. Her work is exemplary. She will patiently explain the cost, the process, and what is expected of the clients. Out of 100, 99 will appreciate her approach. One will not. Starting the conversation both angry and frustrated, the client will only be satisfied with answers that cannot be given, and with results that are not possible. She, in the client's eyes, refuses to give satisfaction.

A complaint is filed.

It has been a really, really terrible, gosh-awful day

She goes home to a sick child.

Don't worry about her. She is a fighter. She is a lover of life. She has friends and family she can turn to. She has already passed that episode. The majority of us survive a really, really terrible, gosh-awful day.

I talked to someone who once had a really, really terrible, gosh-awful day. It was so bad he contemplated ending the pain. While sitting on a bench, out of nowhere, an older woman suddenly swooped in and sat right next to him. She struck up a conversation. He tried not to respond but she continued. "I like the color of your shirt." "Isn't the cloud formation beautiful?" "Please try one of these cookies I found at that little corner shop." "You looked kind of sad so I sat here to tell you that I care and to tell you that God cares and to tell you that you play an important part in this crazy thing we call life."

Then her bus came. She put her hand on his shoulder and smiled sweetly. "I meant everything I just said." Then she was gone.

He decided not to end his pain. To this day he says that what changed his mind was that smile. That smile is tattooed to his memory and makes him remember the one-sided conversation. He now knows that her smile and God's love were, and are still, with him and he will never be alone. True story.

After a three-day cold, dreary rain, one of my neighbors snapped a picture of a double rainbow. She wanted to share a rainbow smile with everyone, and she did. Thank you, Sharon S., for sharing your rainbow smile.

Do you think a rainbow is God smiling down on us?

By Permission

"May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the LORD show His favor and give you His peace."

Numbers 6:25-26

New Living Translation



Lisa Staudohar
Lisa Staudohar

OK. I had tears. This was beautiful! LS

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