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Queen Robin

Of course, I cannot ever be queen but "Queen Robin" sounds cooler than "President Robin" and, either way, I am glad I am neither. I understand that the feeling of presidential power is intoxicating to the point of stepping into the position and immediately working to be re-elected in four years. Carpe Diem is pretty much what it says, "Seize The Day" means that you win and get power for a day, for a time. But then you are so busy staying in control, that it just seems to take over until that same power starts to be in control of you. That is my opinion but, can you disagree completely?

Great power seems to sap the life force out of men (and women). In four years you can watch each president age before your eyes. 10-20 years of youthful vitality gone in 4-8 years. There is not enough anti-aging face cream to keep the lines from being drawn all over their faces. If power does that to your face, what does it do to your insides?

Then, there is the fact that people in power are either loved or hated. There seems to be no in-between, except for those who simply do not care. One powerful president was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many people in his time felt that the social programs he instituted were forced upon them and hated the man for it. I met several who remembered FDR's time and still felt passionate anger towards him, 45 years after his time in office. Come on guys, the man is dead. Let it go!

I received my vote-by-mail ballot two days ago. Sitting down and making my choices is enough power for me for one week. Some people don't vote because they feel they do not have enough power to make a difference. When you don't vote, I believe that gives me more power with my vote. Casting my ballot will give me a feeling of, at least personal, power. I can already feel the power surging through me.

Now, where did I put that face cream?


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