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Pooper Scooper

Optimist: A person who is inclined to be hopeful and to expect good outcomes.

You, dear reader, may gather from my writings that I am an annoying optimist. After all, don't we all find optimistic people to, sometimes, be annoying? Even fellow optimists can be put off by over-optimistic attitudes. We secretly wonder if some new experimental drug helps that pie-in-the-sky lookout. Here is a secret for you. Optimists have bad days. It is true that, usually, by the end of the day the "bad" has been resolved or, worst case scenario, found to be less important after a good night's sleep and the sun's rising in the morning. I think one difference between optimism and pessimism is that the pessimist is surprised when the sun rises. The optimist knows it will rise and can rest in that knowledge.

Of course, my faith in God helps to fuel my optimism but I know many pessimists who have the same faith. They just come to it down a different path. That is something only they can explain. I am here to talk about me (cough, cough). I mean, I am here to talk about my optimism.

Let's take a break and talk about swear words. I try hard to refrain from using strong expletives. My friends know that about me. When something hits me hard I have been known to use an occasional "Pooper Scooper!" or even a "Ratsofratz!" Boy, I hope the latter word is not a bad word in some language I don't know. I try to never use expletives that include God or Jesus because I love them. I choose to not use strongly negative four-letter words because they defeat the flow of my optimism. I will also walk out of a movie that constantly uses them every third word. It is amazing to me to watch people laughing through a comedy and simultaneously being desensitized by constant negative word usage.

We all lean one way or another on the Optimist/Pessimist spectrum. The optimist, I believe, helps to keep the pessimists from sinking into the depths of the mud pond they have accidentally walked into. As they are sucked in, deeper and deeper, the pessimist can choose to grab the rope of hope that the optimist has tied to a tree and thrown out to them. It is there if they choose to grab it. The optimist may, annoyingly, coax and cajole but will not be able to force a resolution. Freedom to choose is always optimal.

Don't be fooled. An optimist needs pessimists. Sometimes we need a good "STOP!" There are times when we, optimists, close our eyes and begin to dance, twirling in circles, smelling the grass beneath our bare feet, feeling the warm summer breeze, and heading straight for the edge of the cliff... Well, I think you get the idea.

To all of you O's and P's, "I love you, man!"

JoJo's lobster costume lasted ten minutes before he announced his pessimism.


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