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Passion Flower

Writing seriously for the last five months has proven me to be a master at my craft. I do hope you read that opener tongue-in-cheek. I could write 10,000 words for 10,000 days and still feel like a novice. I have far to travel yet, but I feel I have come a long way in five months. Let me explain.

A visual artist shared his journey from the beginning to the present day. As a young man, he took multiple art classes, experimenting with mediums until he found his favorite, the one that would become his passion. He then read and watched other artists, learning from them. He must have watched thirty videos just so he could learn how to paint a realistic ocean wave, even though his main focus was on portraiture. Passion for your art can do that.

All of my life people have asked me what my passion was. I have had hobbies but none that I would call a passion. "My passion" I would always answer "is to be passionate and appreciative of others' artistic endeavors." I knew, as I spoke those words, that I was missing something but had no clue as to what it was. There was never anything to claim for myself.

Then, late in life, I started writing. Joining a journalism group and taking a creative writing class was my version of watching videos on how to describe an ocean wave. Honestly, I have never actually tried to describe an ocean wave. (Note to self for future.)

There are so many do's and don'ts to creating a story or a narrative. I try to listen to them all, and then... I choose what is best for my passion. Everything that we are told is not set in stone. I write what I want because it means something to me. I prune and water and till the soil around each sentence and each paragraph so that others may see what I see, what is on my mind, and what is spilling over from my heart and soul. That is what nurtures my passion, which in turn causes a flower to grow deep within my being. That is what passion should do.

Mechanics are important. Readability is essential. But your work is a piece of you. Try not to stray from your story. Instead, try to share what you know.

Is your hobby just something to pass the time or is it your passion?

Is your classic car just a project to keep you busy or is it your passion?

Is travel, well you get the idea.

When someone asks me what my passion is, I can now reply, "Writing is my passion."

What is yours?

Bunch of wildflowers in pocket to carry with you
Flowers in pocket to carry with you


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