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Ode To Friends

On my birthday, I received cards and texts from friends and loved ones and even a homemade gift (thank you, Camille and Tom). But the best present of all, not in any way demeaning the thoughtfulness above, was a gift of time. My lovely neighbor, Sharon, invited me over for Hors d'oeuvres. As I arrived, two other neighbors showed up to celebrate. We had a time of sharing and laughing. If I had come with any hint of sadness in my current life, it vanished at the doorway.

I would love it if we could make the Christmas holidays more like that. A time of pure joy instead of all the fussing and cleaning and shopping and worrying. I'm not saying, "Don't spend." I am saying, "Spend more on the gift of time." I am all about time.

Listening and truly hearing others is a real gift to them, and so much better than a coffee mug that lights up every time you take a sip. I mean you cannot even put it in the dishwasher.

Do you feel the need to spend money so you don't feel guilty? Take your special people out to a special restaurant on Christmas Eve. Wrap the dinner invitation up as an early present. If they balk at the idea, after receiving the invite, threaten to pick up the first homeless person you see and take him, or her with you. Works every time! Or at least I think it should work. I've never had to go that far before.

Anyway, buy and wrap presents for children. We adults want time with you - our heart people. The glow of that present will last much longer than the light-up mug that I may have accidentally put in the dishwasher.


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