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O, Solo-Single Mio

A YouTube channel I subscribe to focused, a couple of days ago, on traveling as a single. I always find it interesting when a man discusses his point of view when discussing single activities and lifestyles. He praised the positives he saw, as I nodded at the positives added to him and his life. Listen guys, I want you to know that it is different for a woman. We, girls, have been taught to exist in pairs or groups. Who, among us (girls) can say, "I loved traveling solo my very first time"?

In my adult life, I was single, then I was married, then I was single, then I was married, and now I am single again. Are you dizzy yet? So, I have had some practice doing "stuff" alone. Alert! Doing stuff alone at home does not count. It started with walking into a restaurant, alone. For some reason, I felt all eyes would be focused on me. Turned out, no one seemed to notice. My problem, while eating, was that I was bored. This was before cell phones, yes, it was in the dinosaur age. And I don't like to read while eating so... Wanting to eat and run, I willed myself to sit and eat normally. Okay, maybe I ate a little faster than normal but slower than I felt the urge to. It was not the best experience but it was eye-opening for me.

I attend a grief support group and we have a very nice man who attends. He also loves to travel, solo. He recounts how he will go on a cruise and meet such interesting people. A group would form, get together often, dance, eat, and laugh. I went on a cruise, solo, and met no one. I am a friendly person. I went to the Singles Get-Togethers. I met many singles who were there with a friend, sibling, cousin, family, etc. They too were friendly but all set with their little groups. I was not part of their agenda.

When asking further questions of my (male) friend, it began to dawn on him that groups of women love to latch on to a single male who will dance, eat, and laugh with them. It was an eye-opener for him. He admitted that he was usually the only "solo" single male available. Surprise!

Today is Valentine's Day. Although I miss my Valentine I am not depressed, nor am I sad-sad. Still planning my trip to Italy in a couple of years where, as a solo traveler, I will spend a month by myself immersing in the language and culture. This time, solo, I will have my writing to work on, just in case I get bored. Of course, before then, I need a few more solo restaurant practice meals under my belt. Guess I better put on my stretchy pants.

JoJo sends his love to all

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So true and it would be nice if women were kinder to other women.

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