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New Year's Dance

I walked out under the cool night's sky

Alone, I thought, but then they caught my eye

The neighbor's tree and the moon were dancing

They stopped, I believe because they were shy

The tree and the moon, so high in the sky

The stars stood around enjoying the dance

Which had ceased because I had intruded, by chance

"Apologies to you and your beautiful dancing

May I take a picture to remember this scene?

Might I be allowed to record a lovely Beguine?"

I stood where no one else would stand

No one else in all the land

Would view the scene that I was seeing

And so, I took the picture

I took three

Of the dancing tree and partner moon,

You see

By now it was quite late

The poor moon was trying to escape

So I bid a goodnight

Leaving the tree and moon

To finish their dance

While the stars did swoon

The picture itself was not so great

But the one in my memory lives on a silver plate

I once saw a tree, and the moon, dance

But only because I had intruded by chance.

Happy New Year!

"When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,

The moon and the stars which You have set in place"

Psalm 8:3 NASB


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