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Mr. Louie

We are mourning the loss of my stepdaughter's pet (a couple of weeks ago) and she asked me to write about him. This story is for you Rosa.

There have been good dogs through the ages. You have Rin-Tin-Tin, Lassie, Old Yeller, and Clifford The Big Red Dog. I will add one more to that list: Louie. Mr. Louie, a seven-pound Pomeranian, was as beautiful as he was good. If there had been an award for the best dog ever, he would have won it. He was a friend to all, with a good nature, and he was playful with just a touch of Leprechaun mischievousness. In other words, he was a delight. He lived with Rosa and she was his person. Wherever she was in life, he was right behind her. His happy place was by her side, or at least in the same room. When allowed to grow out, his hair poofed about him making him a well-groomed puff ball. In the summer, he would get a lion cut or a teddy bear cut. The groomer filed it away as The Louie Cut. Either way, he always had a coiffed tail that wrapped up and over his backside into a fun pompom.

Louie, the Pom, with a new haircut waiting to be picked up by mom.
The Louie Cut

His bark made for a great warning of impending visitors but I am afraid that, once they were in the house, he received an "F" in protection. Just too darn friendly.

So life went on for many years. It is strange how we know that our pets don't live as long as we do but we are surprised, every time, when they show their age and slow down. In his 17th year, Louie began to show his age. Nearing the end of that year he had lost his hearing. He was almost blind but I believe he could see light and movement. And he could ALWAYS find his food and water dish. He never lost his appetite. In that way, he and I were alike. 

If you were working in the kitchen, he would toddle over and stand over one of your feet. Just stand there. Of course, I would have to pick him up and cuddle him. In those last days, I believe that made him the happiest and it was only right because of all the love and attention he had showered on us all the years previous. With age came hair loss, except for his head, tail, and feet. Rosa had always been particular about Louie's appearance. I worried about how she would react. But she was a trooper and always kept him clean, swaddling him in name-brand doggy sweaters. My favorite was his light blue argyle that showed off his rootbeer eyes and caramel hair. 

He came to need a lot more care, day and night, and could not be left alone. My house became Grandma's Doggy Daycare while Rosa worked. Eventually, I would keep him on weeknights so Rosa could get her much-needed sleep. People might say that we should have let him go sooner but love holds on as long as it can. It seemed to us that Louie was happy and was not in pain so we kept going. 

Rosa left on a Thursday for a mandatory work conference in Las Vegas. Friday morning Louie was markedly worse. So I took him to the emergency vet. You know, the place where you walk through the door and already owe $200.00. I was told Louie would probably die that night. Grandma's Daycare had turned into Grandma's Hospice.

With my expert care, I kept him going. Well, maybe God did help a little. Rosa made it back Sunday afternoon and sat with him for four hours, holding him and making him as comfortable as possible. She talked about making a trip in a few months and taking him with her. This, after carefully explaining to her that he was dying. I could only look at her and slowly shake my head, "No." We all process things in our own time.

Rosa finally left that night and Mr. Louie stayed with me. Rosa needed to go to work and could not be up all night. Around 9:30 PM, Louie became agitated and uncomfortable. I picked him up and laid him across my chest, where he could hear my heartbeat. I gently stretched his little body so that he could breathe more easily. At 10 PM, on the dot, he took two deep breaths and then stopped. I cried. I held him and waited two full minutes... just in case he started again. I had my own processing to do. Then I laid him down and called his mom.

We talked about how Louie was running full speed across the Rainbow Bridge straight to the arms of Rosa's dad who, in life, had adored Louie.

Louie the Pom  on his back in relax mode, in Dominic's lap, looking extremely happy.
Louie is in relaxed mode on Dominic's lap

Then we both became silent at either end of the phone, except for the sounds of quiet weeping.

Here is to you Mr. Louie, The Best Dog Ever winner. Thank you for the love and the joy.

Louie the Pom's face peeking out through pink rosess


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Sharon Giglio
Sharon Giglio
May 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautifully written Robin! Louie was precious. I know how much Rosa loved him and am so sorry he's no longer here with her.


May 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Took a while for me to read about Mr. Louie. The tears kept flowing.


Diane McDowell
Diane McDowell
May 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Well written I can feel the ❤!

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