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Me and Jack

Always wondered about great writers. They can bring images to life right off the written page. More than that, their natural writing talent seems to be only a fraction of their road to greatness.

Read that Jack London once said, "I sit down and write at least a thousand words each day even if it is nonsense." Good writers become great writers by exercising their fingers on a pad of paper or a keyboard every day! One cannot become great without exercise or practice. Did Jack become great because of the thousand words per day he wrote, or did he write a thousand words per day to stay great? Guess it doesn't matter if you are not writing at least a thousand words per day. Right?

Of course, writing a thousand words per day won't help if the words are dry, boring, unsalted morsels gladly forgotten the moment you have tasted them. So it is a little, okay, greatly overwhelming to write with the hope (dare I say expectation) that others will want to hear what you've written. Can you keep others interested to the end of that thousand words, let alone through that novel?

Of course, you can just write those one-sentence gems we can all remember and gems that changed the world:

"Treat one another as you wish to be treated"

(Jesus Christ)

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

(My High School typing teacher)


And you don't have to write. I believe there is something you are good at or wish to be good at. I believe there is something you would like to try. A form of art? Cooking? Bird watching? Deep inside, you know what it is.

The following ABCs of writing also apply to you.

A. Just start

B. Keep going

C. Don't stop

If you have even a tiny bit of talent, which you do, it will show.

Now, only 675 more words to go...

Shall I re-visit this and check up on your progress?


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