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Math Vs The Real World

Hello, my name is Robin, and I am an Eclectic. I would love to say that I am doing well, in recovery, but this meeting is all about the truth. Still, I believe that the work on my recovery program is progressing. Becoming more and more minimal has helped, but every day is a work in progress, and every shopping trip is a setback. 

There is a wonderful woman I know who is completely minimal. She prefers everything neat and patterned. Her yard is laid out in squares and rectangles. The rooms inside her house are decorated minimally and cleanly in geometric patterns. It is all so tidy. I secretly want to open all her cabinets and drawers because I don't believe anyone is that "put together." Please don't tell her.

I am not so geometric, and everything else that goes with it. As I said, I am eclectic. What is my definition of eclectic, you may ask? I will explain: You keep the furniture, dishes, mementos, and keepsakes gifted and inherited from those you have loved in the past. Then you replace items that are worn out (a couch, a lamp, etc.) with items that you really like even though it does not mesh with all of the "loved" stuff. You mix it all together, and then you have guests over and proudly proclaim, "Yes, my style is eclectic!"

I am trying hard to donate or gift much of the "loved" stuff. This is a large part of my recovery program. And I am grateful for this group where I can share safely and freely.

Note: If you come to my house, please do not open my cabinets or drawers.

(Not my house!)


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