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It's Not You, It's Me

Someone I know, love and trust told me I was posting too many times a week. I decided to go down to twice a week instead of three times a week. That's why I did not post on Sunday. Was it the right thing to do? Time will tell. The idea of holding out was to make my dear readers yearn for more. Were you yearning? Sounds good on the surface but... I have had people tell me they can't wait for the next post. Others tell me they can't keep up. I have a feeling the change will also bring mixed feelings. This new path, well, more like a lane change, brings a question to my mind.

When do you take someone's advice? Even the person who is seeking only your well-being can be wrong. The fact that you are listening tells you something. Perhaps there is something that could be done better. Perhaps this tweak will take you two steps forward. Perhaps it will take you one step back. You haven't deviated from your course. You have just moved into the slower lane for a while while the GPS is re-routing. You may decide you want to go back into the fast lane. I did not have to listen. I did not have to try any changes. I could see that my direction and final goal were the same, and that is what I wanted. This does not change either of those.

Two months ago, when I started writing, I did change the direction of my life. Enjoying the action of writing, I continue to do it. If I slow down maybe my writing will become better and better. We shall see.

So, when do you listen? Perhaps you should ask yourself, why do you listen? Do you think you might be wrong? Or do you not trust yourself to choose a direction you truly want to go because, after all, you are probably wrong, even if you are happy, even if you are at peace with that direction? You can listen if you think you can change lanes to make it even better. I have found something good for me, something good for others, makes me happy, and, gives me peace when I do it. I will listen until someone tells me not to do it, period. Then I am done listening. I am stubborn that way, thank the Lord! Also, beware of those who are helpful and want you to change the way you are doing things, even if your way works. My little JoJo loves these new treats that contain a good source of protein; Crickets. If someone told me to change my protein diet to crickets and worms, great protein as they are, I am giving back a hard, NO! It doesn't work for me.

I have found friends who like to write, and they are good at it. That is a new perk for me. If they would allow me, I would publish each one of them. One friend did, although she was not ready to use her real name. I believe that will come. See: Table For One Please

So, down to twice a week for my posting.

It is not you.

It is me...for now.


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