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I'll Drink To That!

"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink."

From,The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A friend of mine sends out thoughtful daily posts. (Thank you, Camille.) She sent one the other day that made me think. I knew that we, in general, as a people, do not drink enough water. That is especially true of those in their senior years. We are generally busy or just engaged in life and do not think to stop and fill our bodies with plain old, boring water. I am guilty of that, and I like water. Life is just too busy to stop and refill the tank. Sometimes, I don't realize I am running on fumes.

There is another problem added to a senior citizen's body. Our bodies seem to lose the alarm system that tells us, "You are thirsty." We don't always feel thirsty so we don't realize our bodies need water. Consider the fact that we are made up of mostly water, well, not drinking is not so good for us. There have been studies showing that a major factor in Grandma's forgetfulness, moments of confusion, and even dementia-type symptoms can, more often than not, be due to the lack of good old H2O. Sometimes this is a simple fix, with the help of a loving water-pusher relative, or friend, watching Grandma's back.

(There is a pause here, while I go and retrieve my water bottle filled with the cold stuff.)

I saw this firsthand with my mother. She was born in Texas. Apparently, in the 1930's, Texas water was not the best. People drank coffee (in the morning) and sweet tea (at dinner). Water was not yummy and often tasted slightly of rotten eggs. NO, water was for the cows and horses who were smart enough to drink whenever given the chance. Getting mom to drink water was always a challenge. She did have a mug next to her. It was filled with coffee. "At least", I thought, "she is getting fluid somehow." (By the way, coffee is a diuretic). Then I realized that the mug of coffee was reheated over and over again all day long. It bore the coffee stains to prove it. She was, indeed, drinking one cup a day and often would not finish that one cup.

So, I Googled Amazon and ordered a special 32-ounce water bottle in one of her favorite colors. I also ordered a bottle, in one of my favorite colors, as I knew I could be guilty of not hydrating. So, we hydrated together. That's what family does, right?

I missed sending out a post last Sunday as I was at my eldest grandson's high school graduation. I was there, and my favorite color water bottle was at my side which was good because it was hot and we were sitting in the sun. When I returned, I read Camille's post. Of course, it is only fitting that I share this public service announcement because I care about all of you. Besides, I wouldn't want you to "forget" to read my posts because you did not drink enough water. People sometimes drink alcohol to forget. We drink water to remember, right?

a calm river mirroring the partly cloudy blue sky, surrounded on both sides by a forest of trees.
"Morning Light" by Dominic Giglio


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