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I'll Do It Later

Why are there no songs about procrastination? Maybe a good, upbeat ditty to sing would help to get my butt moving. Why didn’t Mr. Rogers discuss this subject? He talked about everything else. The “P” word has been a part of my life for, like, forever. It is a wall I built somewhere back in time. Let’s call it the P-Wall. Everyone has a P-Wall in their life. Yet, so many people seem to be able to ignore that wall and walk around it. Then they move on to the important things in life. Some high-energy people choose to climb the wall and sprint forward. Then there are people like me who prefer to sit at the base of the P-Wall, in the lovely, protective shade for, like, forever … or until the last possible moment.

If I just had a song to sing, and I do like to sing, then, maybe, I would walk around the wall while I sang. Then I would move forward. I know I would never climb the wall. Now, if there happened to be an escalator…

My wall must be bigger than most, probably because I built it myself. Or, maybe, those who walk (or climb) have a song they sing, and they are mean and don’t want to share it with me. Poor me! I think I will sit here and sulk! At least I am in the shade.

A light colored cat sitting, looking through the fence to the other side

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Diane McDowell
Diane McDowell
Jun 26

I too have a P-Wall. I notice if I wait until the last minute I can really work well to get it done. Perhaps I work better under stress? Oh yeah, then that leads to another problem, Lol!

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