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Hello Sunrise

All we knew will now be new again.

All we worried about is now in the past.

All we will worry about is in the future.

Is this year's to-do list done? Or will you squeeze the leftovers into the list for next year? Is your list leaving less, or no room, for friends, family, or more importantly, for yourself? Perhaps we should, this year, visualize what is important: quality, not quantity.

Dream big. Stretch yourself. Be better. Be more. Be true to yourself.

Choose a daily path that will be good for you.

Choose a daily path that will be good for others.

Even when you are on a difficult path, treat every day as a start-again day. When life overwhelms, and you fail, remember that the act of trying is more important than the failure.

Never allow the words FAIL and QUIT to be interchangeable. They are not identical twins.

Failure happens to the best.

To Quit is something we choose.

Quitting is not always bad (or even a failure.) Huh? Even if you are on the path to accomplishing a goal, it doesn't mean that goal is good for you. Yes, but quitting...?

[When my father was in college he was nearing graduation, and in a degree that his family thought would set him up for life in a good, solid career. He finally admitted to himself that this was not the path he wanted to follow. He made a drastic change in his career choice, his school, and his training. He moved into a career that fulfilled his desires in his work life and he never regretted that path. He never fretted about the money he could have made. Why be rich, when you are miserable? He never looked back. He never had to.]

Stop! All those little things on your list and all of those big things on your list: Re-evaluate.

If it is a good thing to do then re-group, re-organize, move forward, and don't quit.

Oh boy, there is so much here to process. It is good that I have, Lord willing, a whole new year to work on it.

All I worried about last year is now in the past.

All I can now worry about is somewhere in the future.

All I truly know right now is this.

A new day is dawning.


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