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Have you ever held a gold coin in your hand? That sounds silly. Where else would you hold it - on your nose? I have not been blessed with an overabundance of funds to go out and pick up a few American Eagles, to hide away in my non-existent safe. I was allowed, once, to hold one gold coin that belonged to an acquaintance. It was strange. Perhaps it was the unexpected feeling of weight, or the alluring glow of so much gold, usually viewed in smaller amounts on, say, a wedding ring or a delicate necklace. Or perhaps it was strange because of the ever-watchful eye of its owner who understood, much better than I, the true worth of the heavy, round, shiny, gold object I was holding.

Perhaps I was feeling a bit of the pull of want that such an expensive coin could generate. In that moment I could see why some of us give in to the overwhelming desire to acquire more. A shiny gold coin would cause that desire to grow stronger. In an instant, I had felt all of the above feelings, and then I handed the coin back. It gave me the feeling of being instantly wealthy and then instantly back to the way I was before.

I actually felt a little relief. As I left, I wondered at my feeling of peace in returning the coin. There are probably many different reasons for the relief, but I believe the biggest reason is that I passed a test. There was no sudden determination to go out to buy my gold and so begin to head into... what? The future? Something to leave my family? Don't get me wrong. Savings are important, even if it is gold. Being prepared for the future is important. Leaving a legacy is a good thing.

I just prefer golden leaves falling to the ground in the Fall, or a golden sunset in the Summer. They make me happy. Much happier than a shiny, heavy coin I would take out of hiding just to allow someone else to hold it...for only a moment.

"For where your treasure is,

there your heart will be also."

Matthew 6:21


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