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Floppy Loppy

"Be who you are

And say what you feel

Because those who mind do not matter

And those who matter do not mind"

-Dr. Seuss

I like ice cream in the dead of winter. If you are bundled up and cozy, you should be able to enjoy something that is meant to be frozen until you eat it. There is nothing worse than a melted ice cream cone dripping down your hand and wrist because you insist on eating it during a 90-degree (30 Celsius) summer. I know there are not a lot of people around me who agree so I usually end up eating it alone. Good thing I like my own company.

I have a stuffed animal bunny that sits on my bed. It sat on the guest room bed in my mother's house. I spent nights there when she needed me and, when turning down the bed, I would carefully place the rabbit on a chair. In the morning the little guy would be carefully placed back on the bed. In later years it seemed wrong to exile Hoppy Loppy to Goodwill, so he came to stay with me. Before you start rolling your eyes because I gave a name to a lop-eared stuffed animal, he has had that name for all of three minutes into this writing. I am not a stuffed animal person. Please don't buy me any stuffed animals. I will, eventually, come across the right child that needs Floppy Loppy. Or, maybe I will have him buried with me. The thought of what people would say, as they walk past my casket to view me, Floppy Loppy under my arm, well that just makes me smile (a really big smile!)

I do relish the idea of getting the last laugh.

Today, I committed a "Sin Of The Aged." I climbed up a three-step ladder to clean a floor-to-ceiling mirror. I know, I know, I could have fallen and broken my hip...blah, blah, blah. I just forget my age because I am too busy living my life. If I had fallen and ended up in the hospital, you would be able to find me in bed, holding Floppy Loppy and eating ice cream. After all, those rooms are always ice cold, just like Winter.

Floppy Loppy, the stuffed rabbit

"In the end,

It's not the years in your life

That count.

It's the life in your years."

-Abraham Lincoln


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