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Faster vs Slower

You may now give me the title Baby Boomer Elder Person. I am retired from the work world but not from the land of the living. Growing up, side by side with technology, I saw the first computers being born. One computer would fill a large room, working at a scary-loud volume, demanding a cool and well-ventilated atmosphere. Today, my little hand-held phone holds ten times, maybe twenty, maybe more, of the information held by my first scary-loud, dial-up personal computer for which I needed to keep the room temperature between 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit just for it to work well. Today's technology is faster and more resilient. I, on the other hand, am marked as slower and more, shall we say, delicate? I need my rooms to be between 60 and 75 degrees just so I can function well. An air purifier would, most certainly, help to alleviate the coughing and sneezing that seems to pop up at the most inopportune moments.

We need to recognize that humans are not technology units to be cast aside and replaced easily. It is bad enough that the world views people as disposable because they have become obsolete or unusable. It is especially sad when we begin to view ourselves as obsolete or unusable. Taking that view is when life, itself, begins to lose its spark. This is when a fresh apple loses its appeal, your taste buds demanding the fruit to be baked in a blanket of sugar. This is when a brilliant sunrise no longer seems to promise a new day and a new beginning. This is when a colorful sunset is just something finishing another dreary day.

Back to technology. My darling mother, born in the Roaring Twenties (that's the 1920s) always struggled with the Tsunami of technology. It didn't stop her from trying. She purchased an Apple phone, which became a thorn in my side. She was in her 80s and learning to use her first cell phone. When she would have a question she would call me. The problem is I'm an android girl, and always have been. Unless you have a natural affinity for all the techy stuff, you will understand my dilemma. After hours of research, trial-and-error, and, sometimes, a call to my brilliant tech-savvy nephew, a breakthrough would be made and another problem would be solved. One glitch, in our moving forward, was the fact that my, now, 90-year-old mother was attached to her Iphone-5 even though the world had moved on to the Iphone-12! I must admit that I was both frustrated by Mom and at the same time proud of her.

Although she eventually did give in and purchase a senior-user-friendly phone, she never gave up on learning. Also, she never gave up on excitedly preparing for visits from family and friends. And, although she did like apple pie, she always relished fresh apple slices. Yes, it's true. As we age we run slower and become more delicate, but that can be a good thing. I don't have to run around doing a million errands. Instead, I can take my time and choose my path for the day. I no longer need to worry about the distant future. Instead, I can live in the now, wake up with the sun, marvel at the sunset, and choose between fresh apple slices or apple pie...all the while writing out my thoughts and feelings. My brand-new upgraded laptop can't do that.

What appears to be the back of a computer panel, filled with wires criss-crossing everywhere.
What a non-tech-savvy person thinks of new tech.


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Apr 05
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Love this one Robin! I’m tech savvy but love be some analogue too! Live in the now…not so easily done but a time to be cherished when you can!

Apr 05
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It’s Louie btw

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