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Fall & A Fuzzy Sweater

Fall is here. Or is it just near? The nights are cool, causing the leaves to change to bright orange, deep red, and dusty yellow. As the leaves float to the ground and form a lovely multi-colored carpet, it is an engaging sight for those passing by. Although not for those who share living space with the trees and have to rake them.

The days are still warm, and sometimes hot, as if mocking the cozy sweaters just out of their storage box, waiting to be worn and loved, once again, for their season.

Winter is a time of slumber. It is a great bear, sleeping in its den, allowing the healing that comes with rest.

Spring is a time to awaken, being rested and now ready to dance in the mix of sun and rain.

Summer is a time of growth. All of Earth's produce maturing and showing off its fruit.

Ah, Fall! Fall is a time of harvesting, gathering all that is ready to feast upon. We grow fat on such a harvest, making ourselves ready for that long winter of rest.

A full pantry, a full belly, and a warm fuzzy sweater. The latter not only forgives the added pounds but also rewards them with comfort and love.

Now that Fall is here

Walk the path

Take in the view

Enjoy the season

And to your senses be true


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