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Domino Tears

The only dominoes game I had ever played was "Stand the dominoes up on end, in a line, and knock the first one over." That's a long game to set up and a short game to play. So, when I was invited to join a group of ladies who play Mexican Train I was a little hesitant. Mexican Train is actually Dominoes On Steroids. If I thought I would be bored, I was mistaken.

The game itself is entertaining as there is just enough strategy involved and it is simple enough to remember the rules. But, the best part of the game is being with the other players. There can be four to six of us and, as different as our personalities are there is no over-competitiveness, chastising, or negative vibes circulating. Always, there is a lot of chattering and joking and snack nibbling going on. Often, five of us forget whose turn it is, but there is always at least one who knows the answer, and the game continues.

In Mexican Train, there are 13 sets played in order to complete a full game. When one person gets rid of their dominoes, thus winning the set, there is always at least someone who fake-cries about how she would have gone out her next move. More often than not, the crier is me. I get over it, pop a jelly bean into my mouth, and we move on to the next set. It seems to me, I do a lot of fake crying. It's probably just an excuse to grab another sweet or salty nibble.

It is just lucky for me, that I get to play with such wonderful women who share their lives, their houses, their snacks, and their time with me. I love you girls. Thank you for putting up with this fake-crier queen. Hey, I gotta win at something...

A line of chocolate and vanilla domino shaped cookies being knocked over by the pointer finger of a hand.

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Diane McDowell
Diane McDowell
May 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We love you Robin!

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