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Debbie Downer

My neighbor took another neighbor, and myself to lunch yesterday to celebrate our November birthdays. His birthday is also in November but he invited and treated. I love my neighbors.

We sat at a table near two women who had much to discuss. And it was all negative. They talked non-stop. One would complain, then the other, then back to the first. I tried not to listen, but it seemed to center around a third person (maybe more) who was absent from their PooPoo Party. It was like they were getting ready for a new TV reality show, "Housewives of Santa Rosa." Coming soon for your viewing pleasure.

Before you give me a bad time for listening to other's conversations, they did not keep their voices down. I believe people glance at a table of "olders" and think, "Oh, they can't hear!" Guess what? We can hear! And there is a lot of negative we don't want to hear.

But I digress.

My point was supposed to be: is that the way some people have fun? Were they co-workers complaining about someone at work and letting off steam? It's hard to tell because I was really trying not to listen.

I did discover a possible way to get rid of Debbie Downers. The three at our table began to talk and share and laugh. I really think the laughing worked. Apparently, D-Downers really dislike "Happy." They soon finished their drinks and exited the building.

Lunch was yummy!


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