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A Dreamer's Guide To Writing

I am an early to bed and early to rise kinda girl. My brain power works well in the morning while a mild sort of Sundowners seems to latch onto me in the evening. That is why it works well for me to do my online banking, working with numbers and facts, in the morning. It is not the same for my writing. Perhaps it is becauses writing does not require a boxed regimen. I feel free to float through a story, born of a dream, allowing my pencil to flow. Writing comes so much easier in a darkened room with only one light shining on the paper before me. Being tired somehow frees me from being concerned about style and accuracy. Then the morning comes when I re-read, correct, rewrite, (rinse) and repeat. I read my writing out loud, which helps me correct the flow. I read silently, which helps me catch grammatical errors. It is so interesting how different parts of our brains work.

You can watch countless hours of YouTube, learning how to paint, or write, or speak, or garden, or you-name-it. There are basic truths for each of these artistic endeavors but there also comes a time when what the experts go on to say is, basically, their own truth. Everything works for someone, but not necessarily for you. Case in point; my husband, an oil on canvas kind of guy, wanted to learn how to paint ocean waves. He watched another artist's video on how to paint waves. He watched it again and again. Then he turned the sound off and watched it several times more. Finally, he picked up the brush and began to paint. He did not copy what he had seen. He did not mimic the strokes. He took what he had learned and made it his own. Beautiful waves they were, greenish blue with white foam, crashing onto the light brown sand. True, he learned techniques but what flowed over the canvas was his own talent and imagination.

You and I can be book-learned perfect, but I guarantee this fact. As soon as you start up your own project it becomes your art. Let me explain. I have a friend who is very handy. She has yet to meet her match in the home projects field. She has read the directions. She has collected the right tools. And she starts. When she hits a bump-in-the-road (all projects have them) and there is nothing in the manual to help, she reaches within herself and invents a solution. That makes her an inventor. That makes her an artist.

I believe you are all artists. Go ahead, call yourself an artist. It just means you are taking your own little talent and working it in your own way and in your own time. Listen to the experts, and then do it your own way. Maybe those bumps-in-the-road are nature's way of allowing us the freedom to do it our own way. One expert (probably more) says I should write in the early morning. I listened. I truly did. Now I balance my account in the morning and write my stories when the sun sets. That is my art.

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