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A Day In A Life

In sunshine and rain, they arrive at the light of dawn, landing in the "bankers box" box top turned upside down. A small, faded red clay pot lies, top-down, in the middle to keep the cardboard from flying off into the wind. Visiting birds hop in and start kicking seeds around searching for their favorites. Seed hulls fly out onto the charcoal indoor-outdoor carpet, making a dotted mess that is easily vacuumed.

Sunny spends her days gazing out the patio door window, watching the neighborhood birds land under the covered patio. They come to feed on the assorted seeds she has chosen not to eat. Sunny is a parakeet. She is a canary-yellow parakeet. Her lemony feathers sport black swatches, accentuated by tiny splashes of bright blue and neon green. She must be a girl because she spends much time making little "come hither" chortling sounds, inviting any mating prospects to enter her life. But if she is lonely, she does not show it. Instead, she spends her days gazing at her image in a mirror that has been smudged by feather oil, and then turns to her friends who are busily snatching up her leftovers.

For the last week, a mockingbird and a blue jay have been invading the yard. They seem to be drawing up the boundaries of their territories and have been focused on each other. Squawking and screeching, they both demand their squatter's rights. The smaller birds seem to sense the opportunity and feed happily during the melee.

This particular morning the sun has risen but the sky is dark gray. The air is cold and smells wet. Not a musty wet, as there is a taste of clean, like the air in the bathroom shower after the water has been turned off and the steam has escaped. Yes, the rain has come to clean the earth and the air that we breathe.

The rain shower becomes a heavy pour; the grass has become waterlogged. The wind rounds the corners of the property, but only occasionally rushes through the protected patio. Sunny's leftovers lie in the boxtop waiting to be gleaned. They come, braving the wind and rain, and enjoy their feast.

All the while, Sunny is on her top perch, her beak to the window. Her friends are not as beautiful as her mirror image buddy but they do come daily to visit and to enjoy a meal with her. She goes to finish her meal, being sure to leave extras for her friends, and then she begins to whistle and sing a little parakeet song, serenading the diners...her winter friends.

Sunny, The Canary Yellow Parakeet


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