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A Break In The Action

My brain is like a little squirrel running around in the super cold snow, trying desperately to coax the memory cells, to remember where those darn nuts are buried. I need to find them before my little squirrel body freezes. My brain cells are just running in circles as if the movement will help me suddenly come upon that precious stash of what to write today.

Just stop running, squirrel brain. Smell the fresh air, because deeply breathing in the crisp, cold oxygen will awaken those dormant cells. Fresh air will allow you to focus on what you can't visualize because you have been running, running, running.

<insert deep breath here>

Maybe I am in squirrel mode today because of coming out of brain hibernation. But just stopping, and breathing causes more and more to come into focus. I see the sunshine pouring across the white snow and blue ice, promising that there is life below and even some hidden treasures.

Ah, those precious nutmeats just waiting to be gathered and feasted upon. I can feel them in my little squirrel paws and taste them in my little squirrel mouth. Okay, I'm not a squirrel, but I did start all squirrely. Now, I am a lot more centered and ready to write. It will be brilliant! It will enlighten all who read and hear! There will be a fantastic surprise ending!

Oh, look, we are out of time. Everyone will have to wait until next time. I wonder where that nutcracker is ...Squirrel Brain!

Try not to think about

squirrels today.

And, for goodness sake,

don't smile!


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