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Interest in art can be traced back to age four when he started drawing and began taking great interest in life, landscape, people and animals. Especially when painting portraits, Giglio believes personality and structure should always work together.


All through elementary and high school Giglio was encouraged to develop his creative abilities. With his love of children and desiring for them to have the opportunities he had he enrolled at the University of San Francisco taking a double major in Early childhood Education and in Art. For two years he studied composition, anatomy, life drawing, and portrait painting. Giglio went on to earn his masters. His thesis was entitled Color Perception: How A Viewer's Perception Is Affected By Color And Helps To Identify The Subject On Canvas. For Giglio, color becomes part of the definition of form and he utilizes a great deal of color in all of his work. Color brings out the beauty of each study.


Giglio spent 38 years as a Special Education Teacher in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis not just on basic skills but also on developing the inherent creative ability of each child. Students were always motivated to attend class to the amazement and admiration of the regular classroom teachers. Just as art was an important factor in his teaching art also continued to be an important part of his personal life. During that time Giglio worked as a freelance commercial artist and did private commission work. He later became involved in sports illustrations and worked with several professional football players at successful print signing events. Another successful project occurred when he contracted with Box Car Enterprise, who managed a large Elvis art project at the Hilton Hotel, taking him to Vegas for a successful exhibit attended by worldwide fans. Giglio has received recognition in local exhibits and has exhibited at Art Expo, Los Angeles. With his love of portraiture Giglio is still available for commission work. Now, since retiring from the school system, he devotes himself full time to painting.


He and his wife currently reside in Northern California. "An artist cannot live among such beauty and not paint it." As a result, you will see many wine country scenes by Giglio. He relates and is emotionally connected to Northern California often commenting on how beautiful this area is and how lucky he is to live here. That connection is expressed on canvas. He loves driving through different parts of Sonoma and Napa County and walking through the vineyards, stopping to do pencil sketches for new oil paintings while soaking up the atmosphere. "This kind of activity energizes me and ignites my imagination." Still, his first love is southwestern art and especially the Native American.


Major influences for Giglio are classic realism, modern realism and also any artist who specializes in composition. The inspiration for his work lies in the beauty of the environment and in the people he has met. Giglio's favorite medium is oil on canvas or board. He has been a member of The Portrait Society Of America and The Oil Painters Of America (OPA)

"As an artist I value the beauty of life, the environment, and the people who live in it. It is my desire to create a painting that shows this beauty as well as the personality, the essence of a person. My art is my perception of a life we are often too busy to stop and see with our eyes and with our hearts."


A photograph freezes a moment in time.

A painting recreates a moment.

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